Tech Planning - Revising Tech Plans for 2012-15

The 2011-12 school year is the year for revising district Tech Plans. The CT State Department of Education (CSDE) has revised the Tech Plan Template and has submitted it to their Forms Review Committee for final approval. The RESC Tech group assisted with the revision of the template and it's a leaner document. The planning process and the first few pages related to the planning process and the LEA profile are the same but there are only 5 goals which are aligned with the National and State Technology Plans and the budget pages have been eliminated.

FINAL Tech Plan Template for 2012-15

To download the FINAL Tech Plan Template, click here: ed616_technology_plan_template_2012_15_FINAL.doc.
This template is also available on the CSDE Web site at:,
The template has completed the CSDE Forms Review process. The link to download the template was emailed by Carla Ghostlaw from the CSDE Bureau of Teaching and Learning to all districts in the state on 12/20/11.
The five goals from the DRAFT template were not changed. Below is a summary of the major changes from the September draft to the final version:
Page 3 – Instructions added on the Approval Process and RESC contact information has been updated
Page 3 – RESC Review Draft Submission date has been changed to March 30, 2012
Page 3 – Final Approval document will be sent to Cathy Bradanini at LEARN
Page 18 – Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) Certification page added
Last Page – Review Guide modified

Tech Planning Resources

Click on the links below to find resources that will help your district revise its technology plan:

EASTCONN Tech Plan Information Session & Regional Tech Planning Sessions

Once the final Tech Plan template is approved by CSDE, EASTCONN will be hosting a Tech Plan information session during the fall of 2011. EASTCONN will also host a regional Tech Planning series to assist districts in revising their plans. EASTCONN area districts are receiving one free Request for Services (RFS) day during 2011-12 through EASTCONN's portion of the statewide Enhancing Education Through Technology grant. Superintendents have received a letter through an email blast from Jim Huggins. That free RFS day can be used to receive assistance with revising your district's tech plan from an EASTCONN Educational Technology Specialist. It can also be used to plan customized training for your district.