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In June of 2008, Marji Roy from Ashford put out a request for reviews on the new Smartboards. She received a request to summarize to the list. Below is a quick cut and paste of comments. Feel free to add your experiences to the list.

Donna Mingrone: Woodstock
I have the integrated model in my classroom and I like it a great deal, especially since the set up of my classroom would have required me to stand between the location of my LCD projector and the board, thereby blocking the image. The one drawback I've found is that the built-in projector tends to change the color yellow on projected images (to a yucky greenish-yellow.) I haven't found any way to remedy this in the settings, and this comes into play when my students show their artist PowerPoint projects and with some graphing demos (the colors are way off.) Otherwise, I think it might make up for the cost difference because you don't have to pay for a ceiling mount or run wiring to the ceiling for the LCD.

Lynn Reedy: EASTCONN
SMART has updated this projector with a better color scheme and longer bulb life as well. I particularly like the board setup because of where the projector is and how it eliminates the shadow effect.

Glen Lessig: Brooklyn
I'm going on memory now, but I seem to remember the salesman at Valley Communications saying that the new 680i generation 2 model solved the resolution issue. Smart's web site states that "a new system that features a brighter projected image and the highest color quality at a significantly lower cost". SMART appears to be a reputable manufacturer.

Bill Asal: Sterling:
We use the Promethean boards. They're $2500 ball park for everything. We like them very much.

Rick Blozie: Weston
We are purchasing quite a few of the second generation 680i over the summer. I have two of the first generation models now. The lamp is not very bright and works best with all of the lights off. The picture is darker if you are viewing a video compared to a computer application. I believe the bulb life is shorter than the generation 2 model as well. Another concern is the height. If you are mounting the board at lower height to accommodate lower grade students, taller adults might find themselves walking into it. This might happen with either version. The generation 2 model has corrected this somewhat with it's new design. The generation 2 bulb is brighter and the projector can easily be removed for service without dismantling the entire arm. Generation 2 is less expensive too, partially because it doesn't come with built in speakers like the first generation.