Second Life

There are four school districts on Cape Cod working on a collaborative Second Life project as part of a Department of Education grant. We are conducting real-life inservices in Second Life, with hopes of enticing the participants to learn more about Second Life and expand their expertise to the Teen Grid next school year. You may read more about it here, and follow along with our progress. Everyone is welcome to the in-life workshops.
Lighthouse Learning Island Blog

Here is a link to a short YouTube video of the project island and a photo of the training area is below.

Lighthouse Learning Island photo

Submitted by Kathy Schrock (10/14/07)

Rather than reinvent the wheel let me link you to resources developed by Julia Zangl Colby an instructional technologist on Cape Cod who writes and excellent blog - Technology in the Education Arena. Julia has put together a wikispaces page of resources concerning the educational uses of Second Life.

Here is the link Julia Zangl Colby >> Second Life

Estaban Zenovka (Steve Sokoloski)