Second Life Places to Learn and Meet

from Lynn Reedy

Discovery Educator Network-

Wednesday nights at the DEN HQ at 5:00 PM SLT (8:00 PM EST)
DEN Blog

ISTE Second Life-

ISTE Second LIfe Wiki- calendar of events, volunteering, and news
Thursday Night Socials 6:00 PM SLT ISTE Beach/Campfire Ring

Report From the Policy Front: What's in Store for Ed Tech in '08
Tuesday, May 6, 4:30-5:30 PM SLT- THIS WAS GREAT. Click here for the link to notes and files from this event.
Presented by Hilary Goldmann, ISTE's Director of Government Affairs

Landmark the new EASTCONN building on Kathy Schrock's Lighthouse Learning Island (location 148,233,24)

Online: Education and Non-Profit Organizations(Second Life Grid)

Some Interesting Places to Visit From the EASTCONN SL Group Meeting on 5/1/08:

  • Rachelville is an interesting place.
  • The Ivory Tower of Prim - This is a place where you can learn how to build prims. 207, 170, 25
  • Math Playground is an interesting place. It's on ISTE Island.
  • Public Sandbox 62,87,33
  • EdTech has a sandbox.
  • Discovery Education has a sandbox
  • ISTE is always a safe place to hang out. There are interesting people to chat with and their docents are very helpful. You can wander away and then teleport back to your home. The ISTE socials are interesting. They are usually on Thursday nights at 9 PM EDT. Under Preferences you can set your home. On the Map, you can set landmarks.
  • Info International is a great place for avatars who have questions. It's staffed with librarians.
  • Southern Georgia invited us to attend a tour of Discovery Education network sometime after May 7th. There will be small groups of 3 who will go off to explore landmarks and come back and tell their experiences.
  • Southern Georgia recommended visiting places where you can pick up freebies rather than spending Lindens to upgrade your avatar.