Do You Twitter?

Twitter is ....well like a lot of Web 2.0 tools, hard to describe. It is a way to social network, it is a way to keep in contact, it is a way to see what a number of people are doing out there. In the last few months it seems that a crew of hard core Ed Tech 2.0 have gravitated to this social tool. It is here that I am seeing tools and tricks and ideas in pretty much real time as folks keep their Twitter box up when they are working at their computers or even posting through Jott or other telephone bases devices. I am seeing people work on an idea, bounce it around Twitter and then post a longer reference in their blogs.It is a little bit like IM'ing, but many to many all the time. It is new. Peole are still trying to figure the best manners, habits and the best protocols (especially me).

If you sign up for a free account, search for me (stevesoko) and then look to see who I am "following". Most folks have no problem with folks following them, and they will follow you right back (I will anyway). As they "tweet" while they are on line you get to see in 140 characters or less, their idea of the moment. Sometimes it is an amazing epiphany, some time it is somebody like me saying that I am going to buy snow tires. I have found that there are bunch of Twitter Tools that manage th twitter stream (Twitterfox,twitterbox, and my favorite to use, Snitter - all Win tools but there are lots of similar Mac)

Twhirl Client (Adobe Air) -
Tweet Deck (Adobe Air) -
kathy Schrock' Twitter Resource Page -
Bit by Bit
November Learning - Building Learning Communities

Oh, and you will want to know about whichs shrinks urls so you can stay under 140 characters.