Wordle: bully
Wordle: bully

The Definition:

Willful and repeated harassment inflicted through the use of computers, cell phones, and other electronic devices.

The purpose of this wiki is to raise awareness and provide educational research-based data to begin the process of formulating a pro-active plan to address this continuing area of concern in our schools and our communities.

T & D Cyberbullying Presentation.pdf or T & D Cyberbullying Presentation.doc
Cyberbullying Definition and Resources from WikEd
Cyberbullying Interactive for Students (contains YouTube videos)
Kids Against Bullying
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Stop Bullying .Gov
Stop Cyberbullying Now
Connect for Respect from the National PTA
PBS It's My Life - Bullies
Anti-bullying and Cyberbullying Resources - Links and resources that Jane Cook used for a PD session at WMS