EASTCONN Tech Council Meeting on 5/5/11 from 3:30-5:30 PM

Prework: Bring ideas, questions and materials to share.
We met for the entire meeting at EASTCONN; there were no takers who were able to adjourn to the Willimantic Brew Pub.

ISTE Webinar

We viewed the second half of the ISTE Webinar on 21st Century Learning presented by Michael Gorman that we started watching in March. Then we reviewed some of the resources the presenter talked about. Below are links to the presenter's Wiki and blog and links to some interesting sites (some of which he discussed and others that Tech Council members have found).
Check out these resources; some are from the Webinar, others are from Tech Council members:


We talked about helping teachers find the standards and GLEs for designing their instruction. Jane has created a page on the Windham Middle School grant Wiki which has links to state and national standards. Feel free to copy and paste this page onto your Wikis.

What Do You Read First?

Steve Sokoloski couldn't join us today but he shared the following suggestions:
1) Join a professional social network. My favorite is Classroom 2.0 but there are many others. If you are a Discovery Education School, join the Discovery Educator Network (DEN), or find education groups on Facebook.

2) Pick 5 blogs to read. Will Richardson, David Warlick, Chris Lehman, Scot McLeod, Vicki Davis, Kathy Schrock all provide blog content. Discovery Education runs a great blog which collects posts from all of their leadership councils (http://blog.discoveryeducation.com/) If you do not like these folks, look on their site and read who they are reading. Organize your reading with a blog reader such as Google Reader. No time to read? Stick an Ed Tech podcast on your iPod for the car, the walk, the waiting for the kid at practice, working out at the gym, vacuuming the floor. Seedlings is my favorite.

Planning for 2011-12

  • No meetings in March
  • Keep the Thursday afternoon from 3:30-5:30 PM time at EASTCONN
  • Meet 5 times during the school year about every 6 weeks
  • Brainstorming of Hot Topics/Areas of Focus:
    • September/October: How did you spend your summer vacation?
      • What did you learn at ISTE?
      • What blogs did you read?
      • What new tech tools did you play with?
    • Tech Plan - Revising the plan; it's due by 6/30/12!
    • Web 2.0 Tools - What's new and cool?
    • IOS/Handheld Devices - How are you using handheld devices in education?
    • Curriculum/Standards - How do we embed technology tools across the curriculum?