EASTCONN Tech Council Meeting on 3/17/11 from 3:30-5:30 PM


Open Office

  • http://www.openoffice.org/
  • Translates anything (except Works)
  • FREE and similar to MS Office
  • Jim G. uses with some teachers and some lab computers; suggests to students who need an inexpensive word processor
  • Glen agrees and finds it helpful for opening a variety of word processors on Macs (except Works)
  • Donna uses it with Open Office with students on their Macs

Upgrading MS Office

Virtual Machines

  • Jim G. has been happy with using virtual systems at Mansfield Middle School.
  • Steve S. has moved more slowly to allow for fixing the tech issues.
  • Bob O. has been using the virtual systems for a couple years successfully.

Windows Live@Edu

  • Steve didn't get good support when he's sought it at a CREC workshop and at ISTE conference.
  • Free for educators (on Windows platform only).

Google Docs

  • Google Mail has management issues that may require research or support ($).
  • Great collaboration in Google Docs.
  • Mansfield's been playing with Google Docs - Google hosts but Mansfield purchased domain.

ISTE Webinar
21st Century Education and Technology Integration: No Cost and Low Cost Investments with Rich Results for Students
Rich Blozie will lead the EASTCONN Tech Council in an ISTE Webinar that will be presented free of charge courtesy of CECA.