EASTCONN Tech Council Meeting Notes from 3/11/10

Burning Issues

  • Jane will let us know if we need to write to our legislators to keep funding for educational technology.
  • The state technology plan is being written by a representative group. Steve and Lynn are representing our region. For more information, see National Tech Plan Draft.
  • Certification for people who don't teach full time and you are going to be "teacher leader."
  • If you need to block a website, you might need the actual IP account. Use cmd.exe then write website name and get numeric NSlookup to get actual IP address. Also look at certificate and you can block that source.
  • Tag eastconntechcouncil to lookup each others Delicious accounts. http://delicious.com/
  • New Teacher Certification Info: New Certification Standards from CEA March 2-10.ppt Click here to go to the Teacher Cert Proposed Changes page for more info.

Meeting Focus: How to get more with less – Hardware and Software, Netbooks, Virtualization
CT Tech Grant

  • Jane is looking to us for suggestions on how to best deliver the Connecticut tech grant.
  • After some professional development, follow-up coaching can be done on-site.
  • Online opportunities such as webinars. Use elluminate so webinars can be recorded and archived.
  • Small Title II D grant funds can be used for webinars.

Show and tell – bring different models of Netbooks to share

  • HP mini netbook highlighted by Jim and ASUS EEE highlighted by Steve
  • No CD ROM drive but you can use an internal. Smaller than a dictionary. Extended battery is supposed to last 6 hours. Home version does not work on a domain network. Price under $545 includes shipping and 2yr extended warrantee. Great for travel!
  • Possible issues: small screen for some programs and you need to scroll a lot, keyboard small for real typing, ACER shining screen is difficult to read, etc.
  • When does a netbook become a laptop...

The Mac/PC Debate Continues...
This minute-taker (Pam) has a definite Mac bias, but is careful to always discuss purpose and budget when discussing what to buy with others. I am really happy to have a MacBook for work. Please add to the list below:
Pro Mac

  • Reliability (very few repairs needed)

Pro Win

  • Price

And how reliable and valid are the current 8th grade assessments?

Marji on Google Docs

  • Ashford has Google Apps for Education.
  • Best for online work.
  • Great for collaboration!
  • Frequently needs to print with other program.
  • iGoogle site for teachers. Teachers have ashford accounts.
  • Needed "real gmail" account for Picasa. Unfortunately this work not work with
  • Gmail works with postini (filtering program) and this will be used for students.
  • Lynn has had Stafford and Brooklyn 5th grade collaborate on science with spreadsheets.
  • Pam has used the survey/spreadsheet feature. Easy and free way to email surveys to others.

What Should Be Blocked?

  • See CIPA
  • You have to have policies in place that protect students and if these policies are violated, the students must have consequences.
  • We have to teach students about Internet Safety.
  • If sites have an educational purpose, these sites can (and should) be opened.
  • Check out the FBI Internet Safety site: http://www.fbi-sos.org/

Epson BrightLink Projector-needs no SmartBoard

Internet Safety
Check out the FBI Internet Safety site at: http://www.fbi-sos.org/

Internet Safety Conference for Parents and Teachers at Mansfield Middle School
This presentation is in the MMS auditorium at 7:00PM on April 6th. Parents and teachers at schools in the EASTCONN area are welcome to attend.
Click here for details: http://www.mansfieldct.org/schools/mms/parent/Internet%20Safety%20Flyer2010.pdf

Conferences this Fall
October 1, 2010 RESC Alliance 21st Century Skills Conference, Don Leu is keynote.
October 18, 2010 CECA Conference, Gary Stager is keynote.

May 13
May 13th is last meeting of our year. We will have it at the Willimantic Brew Pub again.

Dragon for free
iPhone/iPod Apps Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally
(from Marji)

Cool Tools