Tech Council Meeting on 12/6/12

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Focus: Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and Technology
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  • Discussion Notes
    • At Killingly High School, Karen Hess is leading the team of teachers and Jean Purcell is the EASTCONN consultant helping build the English Language Arts curriculum aligned with the CCSS.
    • Still difficult to get away from pencil and pen. Teachers still want to write on the papers.
    • Corporation model expects their workforce to do it, and provide the time and support. Schools don't have those resources.
    • Administrators must be there to make sure teachers realize this is an important and supported initiative.
    • Empower lead teachers so they can integrate technology within committee. Then the teachers wanted to learn it.
    • Have something that teacher want that requires them to use the technology.
    • SAS Curriculum Pathways - FREE! Interactive standards-based resources for grades 6-12.
    • Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments.
    • Adult learning must be MEANINGFUL and IMMEDIATE.
    • Patrick Larkin is worth following -- Burlington, MA administrator who shares good information on how to promote technology.
    • Northwest Evaluation Association (NWEA) has assessments that some districts are using instead of MYST from CT.
    • Mansfield is taking the Speaking and Writing strand and write curriculum for CCSS.
    • West Hartford is having grades 1, 3, 5 with ELA and 2, 4, 6 with Math.
    • Coventry is revising units to align with CCSS but no one with tech background is absent from the committees. Using Intructional Rounds -- one for K-5 and another for 6-12. The focus has been on a problem for practice. Team makes 15 minute walk throughs/snapshots on what the kids are doing.
    • With SEED and other initiatives, technology is more about data and grading for teachers, and less about tech integration.
    • Common core requires more content knowledge than most elementary teachers have now.
    • Volunteer for state testing so you know what to expect. Brooklyn, Mansfield, Killingly, and Bozrah have volunteered so they'll be able to give us an update. The testing window is March to May. Glen will post info on it on this Wiki.
    • Don Leu is a great resource for the "new literacies". Check out his New Literacies Team Web site at UConn at: http://www.newliteracies.uconn.edu/.

Q's & A's

  • Does anyone have experience with Teachscape and My Learning Plan?
    • Windham is using this. It is a commercial online database that is being provided free of charge by CSDE to the SEED Teacher pilot districts. Jane is helping Windham Middle School educators use this.
  • CECA Planning for 2013-14 Conference
    • Rich shared that the CECA Board has begun planning. He's heading up the conference and is looking for help. The theme may be CCSS and technology but they are looking for other suggestions. It may be moving to the Mohegan Sun to draw educators from MA and RI as well as CT. Rich asked for suggestions for themes and potential keynotes. Steve suggested Chris Lehman, the Principal of the Philadelphia Science Leadership Academy. The Board has considered Daniel Pink and Kahn from the Kahn Academy. Steve asked Rich to take feedback to the Board about their Purchase Order processing system. CECA requested the check upfront but districts normally don't cut checks until after an event has occurred so Steve had to fool his district into thinking that the event had already happened. Now he's having difficulty getting the district reimbursed. The Board is also looking for excellent presenters. If you have suggestions for a keynote, a theme, or excellent presenters, please email Rich at rb.ceca.ct@gmail.com.