School District Technology Plan Informational Session
December 5, 2011

Today's Purpose: Share the Template Draft, How It's Different and What Needs to be Done
The revised Tech Plan Template is simpler to complete than previous templates. There are only 5 goals which are aligned with the National and State Technology Plans and there are no budget pages. CSDE still requires districts to convene a district technology planning committee with the appropriate stakeholders at the table to work on revising your district's plan. District Technology Planning Committees should meeting regularly during every school year to monitor the implementation of the Tech Plan and to make "course corrections" throughout the life of the plan. Besides monitoring the implementation, this year district Tech Planning Committees will need to write a new 3-year Tech Plan that will span the 2012-13 through 2014-15 school years.

EASTCONN Tech Planning Assistance
  • EASTCONN is offering a One Day Regional Tech Planning Sessions - once in January and once in February of 2012 for District Teams to attend for a nominal fee of $25/person. To register, go to:
  • Session1: January 23, 2012 Regional Technology Planning Session (snowdate is 1/30/12)
  • Session 2: February 14, 2012 Regional Technology Planning Session(snowdate is 2/27/12)
    • NOTE: These are the same session offered on two different days to accommodate districts' schedules.
    • Try to do the Needs Assessment first (see Needs Assessment section notes below). and bring your district's data in electronic format.
  • In addition, all EASTCONN area districts are being provided one day of Request for Services (RFS) technology integration or customized facilitation services through the last funds in the Enhancing Education Through Technology. EASTCONN area districts can use their RFS day to have an EASTCONN Educational Technology Specialist facilitate a day of technology planning on site with your district team.

Start by...

p. 1: There is no Educational Technology Consultant at the State Department of Education so there is no one advocating for Technology Integration.
  • Currently LEARN will receive the Tech Plans because Josiah Hills, CSDE Technology Consultant has not been replaced.
  • Approval process has been changed. March 30, 2012 is the deadline to submit your draft Tech Plan to your local RESC for review. This is a review to ensure that your district's Tech Plan is complete and ready for your local Board of Education's approval.
  • If we are working with your district, either at one of the Regional Tech Planning sessions or on site with your district's committee, we will make sure your plan is complete and will pass the review process.
  • After EASTCONN reviews its districts' Tech Plans, they will return the Review Guide with any comments regarding revisions that may need to be made or with all items marked as completed. Your district will need to make any revisions and then submit to your Board for approval, and then to the state by June 15th.
  • Let your superintendent know that you would like to present the Tech Plan as an agenda item on one of the Board of Education meetings in May of 2012. The approval must be on the Board agenda and in the minutes.
p. 2: Preparation Check-Off Page - make sure all sections in the Tech Plan are completed and all items on the checklist are checked off
p. 3: LEA Federal Grant Compliance Form sign-off - Make sure the superintendent signs this page
p. 4-5: LEA profile
  • Technology Literacy -- For the first space, the correct answer is the total number of grade 8 students who have been evaluated for technology literacy. This should be your district's total number of 8th graders because federal legislation has required this since 2007. Your district can decide on the way they are assessing 8th grade technology literacy - it can be a commercial product such as Simple K-12 Assessments, a homegrown assessment, an electronic portfolio, etc. On the second line, list the number of students who have passed the district's 8th grade assessment. This should be the real number of students who have passed the district's assessment; it is not necessary that all students have passed.
  • Your district determines how to assess the teachers' technology literacy. Divide by K-8 and 9-12 teachers. An easy tool to use is linked on this wikispace. It is a Teacher Tech Proficiency online survey that was developed by the RESC Tech group. It is aligned with the ISTE NETS*T and NETS*S and should take about 10 minutes. You could administer it at a faculty meeting. To read more, go to our Needs Assessment page. This page contains a link to the online survey as well as a PDF file with a "hard copy" of the survey questions.
  • Teacher Tech Proficiency and PD Survey
    • Share the following URL with your teachers to obtain needs assessment data related to the technology proficiency of your staff and their professional development needs related to technology in education:
    • Once you have your teachers complete this Teacher Tech Survey, call Jane Cook at 860-455-1510 to request a spreadsheet with your district's data.
  • Policies: The state wants to know about the policies at the school and if you have links where these are available, share them.
  • Online Assessments: Add up what you have and deduct 10% since some may need repair. Don't make it harder than you need to -- just count them up.
p. 6: Committee Members - State wants to see a well-rounded committee and short narrative.
p. 7: Vision statement - Jane would encourage your committee to not just look at their old vision from the current plan but to revise the vision looking forward 3-5 years.
  • You may want to do the Needs Assessment first to become aware of what is available in the district
  • How important the rewriting of the vision is debatable by some of the attendees; some feel that their vision statement from their current plan was written broadly enough to serve them into the next three years.
p. 7-8: Needs Assessment
  • The Needs Assessment section may be best written by a subgroup from the committee that has this information or the individuals or committees in the district who have access to this data already if they've been collecting it.
  • Complete the section to determine the extent technology is available to staff and students.
  • Infrastructure and Telecommunications (e-rate) and Administrative Needs, similar to the Needs Assessment you may have a subgroup from the committee may need to complete this section or your committee may have this data already if they've been collecting it.
Now only 5 Goals and they align with National and State Tech Plans!
p. 9-15: You need to develop 5 action plans, one per goal.
No budget section anymore.
Appendix A: Tech Planning Resources
Appendix B: Evaluating Your Tech Plan -- You can do your own quality review.

Only need to send us one copy to review. For the final submission to the state, you'll only need one copy and an electronic format.

Questions Jane will bring to RESCTECH.
  • Cover page is MISSING!
  • Is it required for the District to provide a copy of the Board Minutes of the approval?
  • How will it be provided electronically -- CD, email, flash drive? Can the state provide a public drop box?
  • How should districts plan for purchasing the technology needed for the online assessments for 2014-2015?