EASTCONN Tech Council Meeting
October 8, 2009
PreWork for Web 2.0 Tools Tech Council Meeting on 12/3/09
We chose different Web 2.0 tools to share at our next meeting. Please feel free to add your name to the volunteers or change your topic.
Steve has been using "eastconntechcouncil" as a keyword for Delicious so we can search on it.

ShareTabs.com allows you to create up to 15 URL links as a web page. You can link via the screen shots or tabs. In this way you could send students to specific Wordle screens and not exclude those you wish to avoid. Check out the Share Tab URL that Jane created while at the Discovery Education National Science Institute at: http://sharetabs.com/?desi09.

Joe's Non-Netbook Video
Jane showed a You Tube video created by a STAR Discovery Educator and his students in which a secondary school student is trying to double click on images and store information from a book into a desktop folder. If you need a good chuckle, check it out at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SkhpmEZWuRQ

Implementing RTI/SRBI
AimsWeb (http://www.aimsweb.com/) - Bozrah, Pomfret, Plainfield, Lisbon
  • AimsWeb has a variety of assessments for offline use. Once completed, the scores are then uploaded and the site provides the data analysis.
  • Bozrah has just started implementing and there have been complaints.
  • Pomfret uses it for math and the teachers like the reporting.
  • $5 per student for total package, but you can purchase specific content and grade levels at a lower cost. (Pearson product)

Study Island (http://www.studyisland.com/) - Stafford, Union, Mansfield (grades 3&4)
  • Study Island is all online.
  • Keep adding new assessments, content, etc.
  • Students like Study Island and can do it from home.
  • Assessments are nationally normed and aligned to CT standards.
  • There are very few standards they don't assess.
  • Lessons are included.
  • Teachers can see their students and the administrator can view all.
  • You can modify the student levels to differentiate instruction.
  • Reports can be automatically emailed. For example, in Mansfield, the teachers receive an automated email Friday that has all the students' statistics.
  • Games don't take long to play.
  • K-1 assessments are read aloud by the computer.
  • Price estimate: $22 per student at Union or $126 per grade

MyRTI (new EASTCONN product)
  • A system for universal assessments that can be viewed in tables or graphically.
  • Assessments are not provided. You set up the parameters and the system will track it.
  • Progress monitoring can be programmed to your assessments. (Progress monitoring must be reliable and valid therefore the teacher can't create, but can select.)
  • School/districts determine access for staff.
  • Interventions can be tracked.
  • Under 500 students $3000 for the first year with 2 days of training and $750 for the second year.
  • Over 500 students $4000 for the first year with 2 days of training and $1250 for the second year.
  • User group and web site are planned. In the future, a social network is planned so educators can collaborate.
  • Individual student scores can be displayed longitudinally when tests are comparable.
  • Demographic filtering is available.
  • CMTs will be able to be uploaded by December. You just need to download the CMT data from ctreports.com, make a few changes, and upload to MyRTI.

DIBELS for early literacy (https://dibels.uoregon.edu/)
  • Designed for K-5, but primarily used for K-3.
  • Free materials can be downloaded.
  • Progress monitoring tools are helpful.
  • $1 per student

In Union, using state programs such as the state's Math GLEs to monitor progress.
Florida assessments at http://www.fcrr.org are useful.

Connecticut MIST Benchmark Assessments for Math and Reading
  • CBAM has online assessments you can use through October for free.
  • It's similar to the CMT booklet online.
  • Time needed will be 25-75 minutes, with a 45 minute average. Schools may need to extend their periods.
  • The technology is solid but the logistics are difficult.

Other RtI/SRBI Resources