Tech Council Meeting on 10/4/12

  • Welcome and Burning Issues/Questions
    • CT Report website has not worked well with Win 7.0. IE 9 doesn't always work well. So try FireFox. Or change authentication.
    • Teacher Certification questions for those of us who don't fit -- Tech specialists, social workers, etc. Word is more information will be coming. No definitive alternative to CEUs yet so EASTCONN still provides them.
    • Facebook: Districts are still trying to discuss whether this is good to use. Most districts fear Facebook because you only need one stupid comment to offend many!

  • Cloud Computing
    • Google mail and calendars in Stafford. Lynn is doing training. Using the Drive is helpful, especially with the Taskbar. But on public computers, it's not as easy because there is no Taskbar. The $12-13 per user for archiving email is expensive but worth the money for the IT staff efficiency.

  • BYOD - Integrating Mobile Devices
    • How do we address the students who do not have devices? Use school laptops or share with another.
    • Phone, Kindle, iPad, laptops, tablets -- Stafford is only supporting High School now. Teachers are just starting. Lynn showed Socrative (free) student and teacher for exit quiz. http://www.socrative.com/
    • Coventry has wireless available for Middle and High School students. Laptops must go through IT to check for viruses.
    • AUP in Stafford continues through October of the next year. Plan to explore eBackpack to use as a portfolio and other information.
    • Nexus 7 tablets are being tried in Griswold.

  • Network Management
    • Network Software
    • Digital Back Office has a device $$$ that promotes a secure environment -- checks for anti-virus, etc.
    • VUsafe - Search for YouTube video and save on VUsafe. Free with M86 box. http://m86vusafe.com/
    • Watch, Know, Learn - Free resource to many educational YouTube videos. http://www.watchknowlearn.org/
    • Stafford uses Impero is a $$$ Network Management Software. http://www.imperosoftware.com/classroommanagement.aspx
    • Stafford also use PDQ Deploy for $249 makes life much easier for software updates, and works with Windows 7.
    • Stafford uses Ninite to silently and seamlessly works with PDQ Deploy. Ninite grabs the software and PDQ Deploy will work with all computer that are on (Impero turns them on).

  • Glogster
    • Glogster is great but the administrative portion (that costs $$) is horrible!

  • Next Tech Council Meeting
    • CCSS focus
    • Crosswalk between curriculum and CCSS.