EASTCONN Tech Council Meeting on 1/20/11 from 3:30-5:30 PM


TIPP21 Training
Focus on those who are doing or wish to do technology professional development at their schools.
Apply by January 31st! Register at http://ct21stcenturyskills.wikispaces.com/TIPP21Application
Be sure to APPLY first and then REGISTER after.

CECA Webinars
CECA is sponsoring webinars that will be free. CECA is offering these webinars around the state to promote joining CECA.
Rich suggested we do one at our tech council meetings. We

Mansfield's Internet Safety For Parents and Education: Free to the Public
Scott Driscoll will be presenting at Mansfield Middle School at 7pm on April 12, 2011
Scott Driscoll's site is http://www.ruindanger.net
Scott Driscoll's Internet Safety Company Web site is: http://www.internetsafetyconcepts.com/internet%20safety%20concepts_002.htm

Online and Blended Learning (We may do virtually across rooms at Windham Mills or use tools in the same room)
Who's doing what?
  • New London: Virtual Learning Academy: used last year for credit recovery but didn't level for student differentiation.
  • New London and Rockville are using NovaNET for credit recovery. Traditional delivery on computers.
  • East Haven: Moodle environment for STEM courses
  • Ashford:
  • Weston:
    • Using interactive data projectors
    • Moodle - Piloting and planning to go to a full fledged Moodle server in district and a blended learning environment to use face-to-face time and at home time effectively. They are researching alternative blended learning environments to decide which will be most effective for their district.
    • Rich showed us their Virtual Arts Department Moodle course that has been in pilot for about two years. The Visual Arts teacher is using Go Daddy to host her Moodle course - this only costs about $70/year. Weston High School is using another vendor to host multiple Moodle courses for approximately $1200/year.
    • Weston is using VM Ware so that students can log into and access the school's software from home.

Resources for Online and Blended Learning:

Rich shared a variety of resources for implementing and evaluating online and blended learning.

What are they using as a platform?
  • How are they using it?
  • Who are they using it with?
  • Webinars
    • Elluminate - Lynn Reedy in Stafford is using Elluminate but she was unable to attend the meeting to demonstrate it.
    • GotoMeeting and GotoWebinar - Pam demonstrated Go to Meeting, a simple tool for hosting virtual meetings which EASTCONN has a license. For more information, go to: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/en_US/m/g2mab_More2LMlp.tmpl
    • Bridgit - EASTCONN also has a Bridgit videoconferencing server. This is being used for virtual meetings and teleconferences.
  • Blended Learning
  • Content Management Systems
    • Moodle
    • Blackboard
  • Other Agenda Items